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Subroto Roy -

Dr. Roy founded StratoServe in 2005 in Connecticut soon after being awarded the US Green Card in the “Outstanding Researcher Professor” category. He truly believes that businesses and organizations should strive to make their customers and stakeholders happy. Doing so is not only good for business but also helps people with the “pursuit of happiness”- a fundamental right in the American Constitution! 

StratoServe a  short form for  “Strategic Services”  serves businesses through its award winning blog and through consulting engagements.

Dr. Subroto Roy  brings extensive academic and industry experience of over 25 years  to each  project.  Dr. Roy  is Professor of Marketing and at the University of New Haven and  was a Visiting Scholar at Yale University School of Management  where he continues his research. Dr. Roy teaches  Database Marketing, Digital Marketing and New Product Development among others both in the MBA and Undergraduate. Prior to his PhD in Marketing Dr. Roy worked for 12 years with the Indian Joint of Tetra Pak Sweden and National Dairy Development Board India and was Head of Marketing and Sales for India. Subroto has taught, researched and consulted in Australia and Singapore.

Dr. Roy is a past President of the Institute for Supply Management of Connecticut (earlier CAPM) and Vice President of the American Marketing Association of Connecticut. He is Certified for Google AdWords by Google Inc.  and an expert in Facebook Advertising.Dr. Roy  is a Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) and ISM certified CPSM trainer. StratoServe LLC sponsors and maintains www.cpsmblog.com as a free resource for the global supply management community. The StratoServe Blog is the winner of the CBS Most Valuable Blogger award of 2011. Dr. Roy has numerous academic articles and  a regular contributing author on LinkedIn. Contact StratoServe or call 203-768 5690 or email Serve@StratoServe.com.


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