StratoServe wins CBS Connecticut “Most Valuable Blogger” Inaugural Award 2011

Mvb_winners_connecticut It's a great feeling to be recognized with the "Most Valuable Blogger (MVB)  Award". See the MVB 2011 results here and click on the category Everything Else.

The StratoServe blog was launched in 2005  to start a conversation that normally does not occur in organizations because the marketing manager and supply chain manager sit at opposite ends trying to deal with customers and suppliers while  innovation gets lost in the shuffle. Over time we have diversified to specific elements like digital marketing, that speak to the urgent needs of our time.

The target audience for StratoServe are organizational leaders and managers who would benefit from a brief blog post that brings cutting edge insights to apply in organizations right away.

It is gratifying that search engines recognize this blog's posts on the top of search results – so do keep reading and let us know how StratoServe can help your organization.

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