Your website does not rank on search engines-your web pages do

Web pages are ranked-SEO-StratoServeA big misconception in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the confusion between web pages and entire websites. Search Engines look at web pages individually and not entire websites. Your entire website does not rank on Google but your web pages do.When SEO wizards claim that we can make your website rank on the first page of Google, it  is  wrong or at least one of the most  misunderstood concepts in digital marketing. Here is why:

  1. Searching happens before results are displayed: Before an individual sees search results – he/she has to put in search terms also called keywords. These could be a single word say “flowers”, or a phrase “valentine day flowers” or a  part sentence “flower arrangement classes in New York city”. Try each of these searches and see the different search results.
  2. Search ranking is by keywords or search terms: Depending on the search term or keywords Google,Bing,Yahoo and other search engines pull up what they think are the most relevant pages to the search intent. Someone searching for “flower arrangement classes in New York city” is not likely to be looking for flower shops.
  3. Every page on your website must answer to keywords searched: Every page i.e. the URL like this one : must be an answer to some keywords. And then depending on how well you answer the keywords queried, the relevance of the rest of your website and competing websites that answer the keywords better, you will see your page(URL)  appear in ranking.

To summarize, every page (URL) on your website must answer to search terms or keywords that your target audience might search for. Such a strategy will help ranking that page higher in organic search (SEO) and also improve the quality score and lower your advertising cost in case you decide to start advertising that page. The particular page might be about a specific product that you offer, your contact details or whatever else you want to communicate to the visitor to that page. The page that people arrive after searching is also called the landing page that can be specified when you advertise online. Generally, you should avoid landing your advertising traffic on your home page because it is too general and your ads tend to be about a specific product or service. About StratoServe Digital Marketing Services.

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