Business Week- Transformational Outsourcing

I was busy working on some research proposals related to  outsourcing when I picked up the January 30, 2006 issue of Business Week. As subscribers would know, Business Week like other subscribed paper magazines come with a thick paper cover which generally exhorts the subscriber to "Renew Now!." It is probably because of the cover that I really got around to opening the magazine on Sunday, a day after it actually arrived. In any event the cover story is on "The Future of Outsourcing".

Naturally, this spiked my interest and I combed through the issue to check out interesting stuff. The BW issue is probably among several Cover Stories that BW has run on outsourcing. It however has a significantly different take. Outsourcing is transforming industries like the Paper Converting Industry. Mid Western manufacturers like PCMC have opened a 160 member engineering design team at Chennai(Madras) India and hope to speed up NPD by collaborating 24/7 with the WI plant. Manufacturing that had been shifting to China and eroding US jobs is likely to remain at Green Bay, WI and PCMC is likely to become more competitive as they become faster to the market with new products and services.

The new buzz is "transformational outsourcing" according to Business Week. This is what this blog is about…

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