Technology, Jobs and Home-Depot

This MSN report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics offers one angle of jobs outlook for the US. It suggests that many jobs that can be simplified and done by technology will be done by technology. Simplification includes consolidation of farms to larger ones which will find the smaller farmer out of work. Stock clerks and order fillers in manufacturing and retail will also have their  work done by machines as will meter readers that will compete with optical scanning and voice recognition technologies.

The one common thread with most of these occupations is the ability to completely articulate the process or work into defined processes that can be then done by machines. Do jobs change after machines do much of the rote work ? Yes – if you go to Home Depot you see much of the check out is "self checkout" and the many former cashiers are in the aisles helping customers. Are they adding more value in the aisles than in the check-out? .. I think so.

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