Aircraft Maintenance,Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

The Indian domestic airline scene is seeing frenetic growth. Privatization of airlines  and a surging middle class keep multiple airlines busy. Consider that an airlines was offering seats to Patna (Eastern India) from Delhi at half the second class air-conditioned rail fare. Unimaginable even blasphemous just twelve months ago!

Boldly, airlines are offering booking services both online and through unconventional distribution channels like gas stations. Even more boldly, in an attempt to attract first time air travelers with low prices Deccan Airlines offers no food or beverage. This way turn around time is improved and the aircraft are  in the air rather rather than taking time to load food and remove dishes. All this means that hundreds of aircrafts ( the largest recent civilian plane buyers are Indian aviation companies) need to be maintained,repaired and overhauled in the next few years.

Going by the Indian auto industry every Ram,Shyam and Hari ( equivalent of Tom, Dick and Harry) will get into the MRO act because Indian Aviation companies would like to squeeze out every safe mile from every aircraft being bought now.

This article highlights the enormous growth in the MRO industry in Asia. This growth represents huge opportunity for Tier 1 US -MRO companies to open joint ventures and tie up with capable Indian partners. Engine suppliers like Pratt and Whitney and GE would perhaps feel more comfortable seeing a reliable US Tier 1 MRO party operating with good local partners in India. The question is will the US-MRO industry particularly at the quality but Tier 1 or Tier 2 level be able to capitalize on this upcoming opportunity?

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