Marketing Academic in “Measuring Innovation in the 21st Century Economy Advisory Committee”

I had just happened to call Professor Rajesh Chandy on Monday over a problem with a US Patent database paper that my Research Assistants and me were grappling with. We were trying to do electronic searches with key words and Rajesh’s articles were not coming up in the Marketing journals. So I called Rajesh and he was as cordial as ever, and gave me some additional keywords that would help our search. They did.

Today, I noticed that Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez has named 15 business and academic leaders including Steve Balmer of Microsoft, George Buckley of 3M, Samuel J. Palmisano of IBM and a host of eminent others to advise on measuring innovation in the 21st Century. Was delighted to note that Professor Rajesh Chandy is on this committee , the only marketing academic to be so nominated. This is quite an achievement because Economists coming from an older much established Nobel prize discipline always seem to dominate Government advising.  Rajesh’s nomination is a big deal for the marketing discipline and it’s perspective on innovation. Congratulations Rajesh Chandy!

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