Figuring out supplier-customer relationships

I enjoyed the article by Dr. John Gattorna in the Supply Chain Digest based on his book Living Supply Chains. John Gattorna obviously has years of experience and therefore is rightly incredulous as to why organizations both on the selling side and on the buying side, don't take care of their good suppliers and good customers. Dr. Gattorna offers some good actionable recommendations that basically urges both buyers and sellers in B2B to stay true to their best customers and suppliers both in words and in deeds.

The question is – why do organizations on the selling side keep "wasting" resources on difficult customers and vice versa. The relationship marketing literature gives us a clue from the sociology of marriage(I keep writing about this in my own papers  and  Dwyer,Schurr and Oh ,1987 – Journal of Marketing is the neatest summary). Somehow it is always more "exciting" to to get "new" customers or at least waste resources on "difficult" customers like dealing with several difficult mistresses. When it comes to getting your marriage to work, you need to follow simple (but boring ?) things from the Reader's Digest and if you prefer television – you can follow Dr. Phil !

I guess both marketing departments and procurement /supply management departments don't just "get it". Dr. John Gattorna's advise should help.

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