Worldsourcing-made in this planet

Kudos to William J. Amelio  of Lenovo for coming up with, and promoting the concept of "worldsourcing". Today Business Week  carries a story and this earlier piece on BBC is also enlightening. Bill Amelio advocates lightening up on the "outsourcing" label and the superior attitude that prevails in the wealthier countries vis-a-vis the booming but earlier poorer countries,particularly of Asia. According to Amelio, thinking of the world as one market and therefore one sourcing point suddenly opens up great possibilities for both picking up innovative ideas and developing new markets with a global well oiled supply chain and distribution channel.

Jack Welch, in one of his books recalls how one of his senior managers in GE was disdainful of  his direct report Indian scientists for no other reason than their location as they operated out of the GE India facility. With "neutron" Jack, the manager off course, did not last long and GE went on to become a leader in what Bill Amelio calls "worldsourcing." Indeed, thinking of the world as one place and one opportunity suddenly changes the scene, not only for big business but for the smallest entrepreneur.Quite simply, some places in the world are booming as markets and excellent low cost suppliers are eager to serve your business from other parts of the world.More flexibility and openness is what is called for….

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