Global B2B strategy and 4th of July

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Last year this blog had wished readers a cheery 4th of July celebration and this year I do the same. This despite the media gloom of high gas prices,towns cutting fireworks and Starbucks closing stores I feel hopeful that we’ll see a new Global B2B approach emerging. Let me explain, gas and other cascading prices have gone up all over the world and India reports 11.63 % inflation and China inflation is about 7.7% with both countries saying that inflation is at a 12 year high. However, the internal boom in these countries might slow down, only slightly.

On the other hand I predict that B2B collaborations between American businesses and global suppliers and global marketing partners would rise. So what’s new ? Well the partnerships should rise between smaller businesses because telecom and Internet is being increasingly adopted at the small business level and businesses are opening up in thinking about global opportunities for both buying and selling.

Wishing everybody Happy 4th of July!

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