“Hot Flat and Crowded” The ET industry

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Hot Flat Crowded
Thomas Friedman was on NBC with Tom Brokaw this morning on Meet the Press and was talking about his new book. Watch the video here.

I am a  fan of Friedman and of the flat world book. Tom Friedman observes the world and reflects and then tells us stuff which is absolutely compelling. In this interview Tom was calling for a new industry "ET" or "Energy Technology." Innovations in the energy sector has become absolutely critical. Why? Because each one of us is thinking about how to reduce energy consumption (have online meetings, merge errands, get a better oil burner and so on). The global market is simply hungry for energy innovations and Friedman's book is timely. Friedman is calling for hundreds of thousands of innovators in the "ET" sector who would come up with ideas and even if a few succeed as with the IT revolution,the world will be a better place. It'll be greener and better for succeeding generations.More on this, after I read the book.

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