The Stimulus and Procurement Reform

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Ever since the stimulus package was announced I have been asking friends in the supply chain community as to whether the stimulus package will create new jobs in supply chain and procurement. Logically if you are sourcing stuff, you need managers to both buy (supply chain) and sell (B2B).There were two opinions on this – one was that you can always get contractors to do more if you have a rate contract already set-up. The other opinion was that many local governments will ask for fresh bids . In fact, asking for fresh bids  could really cut down supplier quotes by as much as 45% , given the slow economy. This could in turn free up money for additional projects.

Yesterday, President Obama talked about bi-partisan  procurement reform primarily for the Department of Defense. Any reform means more work for supply chain and procurement management professionals and more jobs for for both B2B marketers and supply managers. Good news as far as this blog is concerned !

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