Innovation and Opportunity Consulting offer for New Haven-Hartford Businesses

Subroto Roy-LinkedIn Stratoserve LLC  is offering innovation and opportunity consulting to support scholarships at the College of Business, University of New Haven through BiddingForGood. Stratoserve LLC is founded by Dr. Subroto Roy, Associate Professor of Marketing at the College of Business,  University of New Haven  and currently  a Visiting Scholar at  the School of Management, Yale University.

Dr. Roy is an expert on Innovation,B2B Marketing and Supply Chains and will help your organization to identify  opportunities based on your current B2B Marketing and Supply Chain. This package will deliver innovative solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency for your business by expert analysis on your upstream supply chain and downstream marketing channel. Dr. Roy  will  also explore radical product/service innovation ideas that can generate new lines of business for you. Dr. Roy will spend time with your designated head of Marketing & Sales,Supply Chain and Operation/Production to understand the obstacles your company is facing today and devise steps moving forward to be implemented by your organization for tomorrow.

The innovative solutions will be derived from  research conducted from data and information gathered during the consulting sessions based  on over 15 years of cutting edge research  to culminate with a presentation to the leaders of your organization.

About StratoServe.

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