2008 Radio Shack YouTube Video predicted CEO change today

The 2008 Radio Shack YouTube video alongside has an eerie feeling today as the CEO stepped down. It was somewhat sad to see
that  CEO
James Gooch
is stepping down after a mere 16 months. The stock price has
declined 80% since May 2011, when Gooch took over. Sadness given that Radio Shack had that nostalgia feeling up to the early 2000's and the stores
were hangouts for all manner of technically oriented customers.

The comments on the YouTube video date back years and it is the most watched Radio
Shack YouTube video. The comments from previous employees and customers
highlight the problems that the chain is facing including its recent focus on
cell phones and the annoying intrusion about your cell phone details if you
walked into the store.

So the question:  How is it that the research and insight folks
involved with Radio Shack not notice the video and the corresponding comments? And
take some action? 

It's difficult to guess because the video and its comments cover most of the
shortcomings and challenges that Radio Shack is facing today. Perhaps research
folks brought this up and successive CEO's didn’t want to hear the bad news. Or
perhaps social media watch did throw up the video but no one really got around to
understanding what people were saying. In any event the Radio Shack YouTube
video seems to be among those YouTube videos that predict stuff 4 years ahead in the voice of
frontline employees and customers

If you are a CEO, the Radio Shack YouTube video is an eye opener. It may be
easier (and free!) for you to check out how your frontline employees and
customers see your company and brand. Don't be afraid to look- right away.