The excitement and scare of “alerts”

I intended to update my blog every few days and oops I find that I have not been posting stuff. My excuse, I got "scared" with the ongoing developments in the knowledge based outsourcing domain.

How did I find out ? By subscribing to "Google" alerts and "Proquest" refereed publications alert. In my scholarly world, I need to say something that is not only  new, but that builds on scholarly precedence. And never tell a scholar that anything is really new without any precedence…

Just to keep track on scholarly material coming out in the knowledge based outsourcing domain I had signed up for "alerts" from Proquest. As soon as certain keywords popped up in scholarly refereed works I would get an email summary.

Believe me this spurred me like nothing else to upgrade my American Marketing Association papers for Journal submission. Signing up for alerts is really "scaring" and motivating at the same time….

Meanwhile Google Alerts sent me five alerts in one message about various industry news in the domain. Busy time.

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