Connecticut Education Gears up for the Global Knowledge Economy

Flipping channels this Sunday morning I happened to switch on the CT-N channel that examines  matters of interest and priority to the State and its residents. I noticed that I had bumped into a goldmine of panelists at the panel discussion (recorded on 9/27/05 at Central Connecticut State University) on  “ What can Education do to improve the State’s Talent Pool- Knowledge Economy Symposium”. Organized by the Office for Workforce Competitiveness, Mary Ann Hanley set the stage and summarized the discussions. Dr. Lyle D. Wray, Executive Director of CRCOG did a wonderful job as moderator of the round table. The eminent panelists included Louise S Berry of the Connecticut Community Technical Colleges, Harry H. Penner Jr., Chairman Nascent Bio Science; Dr. Walter Harrison, President University of Hartford; Jeffery A. Klaus of Bank of America; Lawrence D. McHugh of the CT State University System; Christopher Dadley of St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center; Dr. John W. Rowe Chairman Aetna; Gualberto Ruano of Genomas; Bart Stanco of Gartner; Allan B Taylor Chair State Board of Education and Nathaniel D. Woodson of United Illuminating Co.

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