Bait and Switch

Over the weekend and after a great Thanksgiving I found myself at Barnes and Noble browsing Bait and Switch by Barbara Ehrenreich last night. Morning searches on the Internet revealed that Barbara has her blog and the book seems to be timely for my course on Global Outsourcing. In the book Barbara makes the point that those in middle America who did the right thing i.e. went to college,worked hard and suffered "boring" majors like Management and Finance  suddenly find themselves made redundant (as they become expensive) no sooner than when their salaries start taking off. It is precisely this question that my students in the MBA class are trying to answer  in their "personal career plan" a graded assignment for the  class. Do I have an answer yet ? – no- but I do hope to have some pointers when I see what my students write based on the extensive reading, brilliant guest speakers and the constant mulling over that they have been doing the entire term. Indeed, the question is : What do mid-career professionals exactly do to compete in the "Flat World?"

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