Diet Pepsi: aspartame is out and sucralose in – as myths persist?

The news that Diet Pepsi is removing aspartame (Equal) and bringing in sucralose (Splenda) is huge because aspartame is supposedly one of the most studied food ingredients and certified safe by the FDA and European Food Safety authorities. So why this major shift? Pepsi has important business reasons for this move as sugary soda salesContinue reading “Diet Pepsi: aspartame is out and sucralose in – as myths persist?”

LinkedIn Posts

Why Budweiser made the “Removing No” mistake Don’t assume that people read your email Do you call your resume file “CV”? the cardinal photo SEO sin Organic Google Search vs. Paid Search Ads: Do you care? What exactly is a web landing page and why it won’t help your SEO (psst…. content will) Why areContinue reading “LinkedIn Posts”


// //  Here are some journal publications by Dr. Subroto Roy and his co-authors. “It’s Time to Include Suppliers in the Product Innovation Charter (PIC).” In Innovation and Supply Chain Management, pp. 123-140. Springer, Cham, 2018. Abstract. Full Text. “Control Systems in Outsourcing New Product Development: Role of Globalization and Digitizability,” European Journal of InnovationContinue reading “Publications”

Virginia Tech Tragedy

The tragedy at Virginia Tech has overshadowed events over the last week. Our hearts and condolences go out to the bereaved families and the Virginia Tech Community. University students across the country and their parents have been uneasy over the past week. Universities are supposed to be open places of learning and if NASA cannotContinue reading “Virginia Tech Tragedy”

Core competence and outsourcing

Little did strategy scholars C K Prahalad and Gary Hamel think in 1990 that "core competence" would become so central to the outsourcing decision and global B2B and supply chains just just over  a decade later when Thomas Friedman  declared that the "World is Flat." Robert Weisman does a great job of highlighting how coreContinue reading “Core competence and outsourcing”

From Kansas – an academic speaks out

I was in Kansas City in April for a Sales Management Conference at the University of Missouri at Columbia. This involved a two hour drive through flat tranquil fields and then to a surprisingly high tech and rather grand  University of Missouri. I must confess that the "O" word crossed my mind during this driveContinue reading “From Kansas – an academic speaks out”

Ford cuts workforce and might form alliance with GM

I have been rather glum over the weekend with the news that Ford motors is cutting its workforce including 10,000 white collar workers and 75,000 hourly workers whom they have offered to buy out. Ford motors is not only an institution in the US but is revered for ages, worldwide. My father, for example, arguedContinue reading “Ford cuts workforce and might form alliance with GM”

Game Development and March Madness Bracketology

The Dubai Ports  World deal is off and an American Company will be asked to manage the six ports. In the meanwhile the Gaming business is getting serious. Development of games is exciting but tedious work. 1.1B $ will be spent by the end of this year in outsourcing game development and this will riseContinue reading “Game Development and March Madness Bracketology”