Here are some journal publications by Dr. Subroto Roy and his co-authors.

  • “It’s Time to Include Suppliers in the Product Innovation Charter (PIC).” In Innovation and Supply Chain Management, pp. 123-140. Springer, Cham, 2018. Abstract. Full Text.
  • Control Systems in Outsourcing New Product Development: Role of Globalization and Digitizability,” European Journal of Innovation Management,Volume 20, Issue 2,pp.312-328. (with K. Sivakumar).  Abstract.
  • “Do Sympathy Biases Induce Charitable Giving? The Effects of Advertising Content,” Marketing Science. 35, Issue 6,849-869. (with K.Sudhir and Mathew Cherian) Abstract.Full Text.Press Release.
  • “Which controls are better for service outsourcing? Integrating service-dominant logic and service characteristics,” Academy of Marketing Science Review, Vol.4, Issue 3-4, 45-62.(with K.Sivakumar).Abstract.
  • “Global Outsourcing Relationships and Innovation: A Conceptual Framework and Research Propositions,” Journal of Product Innovation Management 29(4), 513–530.(with K.Sivakumar).Abstract.

  •  “Managing Intellectual Property in Global Outsourcing for Innovation Generation” in  Journal of Product innovation Management. (with K.Sivakumar ).Vol 28, No.1.Pages 48-62,January 2011.Download.
  • “So You Already Have a Survey Database?  A Seven-Step Methodology for Theory Building from Survey Databases:  An Illustration from Incremental Innovation Generation in Buyer-Seller Relationships,” Journal of Supply Chain Management, October 2010, Vol 46, Issue 4, Pages 12-24. Download,
  • “Global innovation generation and financial performance in business-to-business relationships: the case of cross-border alliances in the pharmaceutical industry,” Journal of Academy of Marketing Science, Available October 16, 2010. (with K. Sivakumar, JainJun Zhu,Sangphet Hanvanich). Download.

  •  “Innovation Generation in Upstream and Downstream Business Relationships,” Journal of Business Research. (with K. Sivakumar), December 2010. Volume 63, Issue 12, Pages 1261-1372 .Download.   
  •  “ The Role of Technology Adoption in the Globalization of Business Buying Behavior: A Conceptual Model and Research Propositions”, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Volume 22, No. 4,Pages 220-227,2007. (With K. Sivakumar)  Download  
  •  “ Internet Diffusion as a two-stage transition- Converting Internet Non-Users to Internet Users and to online buyers,” International Journal of Marketing Research (IJMR); Volume 48, Issue 3, 2006.(with Sanjoy Ghose)  Download.
  • “International Long Term Business Relationship, communities of practice and innovation-A Longitudinal Case Study of NDDB, India and Tetra Pak, Sweden” International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialization 2004, 3(4), 454-469. (with Ian F. Wilkinson)   Download.
  • ” Knowledge redundancy in supply chains: a framework”. Supply Chain Management, 9(3/4), 241. (with K.Sivakumar) Download.
  •  “Innovation Generation in Supply Chain Relationships: A Conceptual Model and Research Propositions”. Academy of Marketing Science. Journal, 32(1), 61-79, 2004. ( With K. Sivakumar and Ian Wilkinson)   Download.
  • “OK you are an approved supplier but you still don’t get orders’ understanding the case of the P-Card, ” Industrial Marketing Management. Vol 32 Pages 605-613. 2003.Download.
  • “Gift Buying Behavior Amidst the looming recession: A Case study of Singapore during Asian Economic Crisis” in the Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship. Vol. 7. No. 1(July), Pages 25-38.1999 (with See Khay Soh)


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