Small Business, Google AdWords and B2B Marketing in a recession

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If you think about it, most jobs,innovation and entrepreneurship is in the small sector. Strangely textbooks and academic work in  B2B,Supply Chain and Innovation focuses on large organizations- perhaps because large organizations are potential employers for students who read textbooks  and have been traditionally employed by large organizations. The current economic situation has many major organizations in disarray with employment being uncertain for existing managers and on hold for fresh recruits.

Students at my B2B (Organizational) Marketing class at University of New Haven are participating in the Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMCHA). They have a presentation scheduled on April 8, Wednesday and the University announcement is here.

The students have been doing a great job and have focused on creating AdWords for B2B marketing in a recession for the seven area businesses. Google AdWords puts power in the hands of a small business who can start with a very small budget- unlike other traditional advertising. The GOMCHA itself is supported by Google who have given $200 of ad credit to each student team.Students add the Internet Marketing expertise to their resumes and I think several of them will become entrepreneurs. The student chapter of the American Marketing Association is managing the event.

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