Why Apple privacy hurts display ads more than search ads

iPhones have over half of the US market and tend to have customers who have higher incomes. It turns out that only between 16% -37% of iPhone and iPad users allowed apps to share data.

AIDA sales funnel and the buyer’s journey to purchase

Businesses tend to wonder about the effectiveness of their advertising spend in terms of what they actually sold that could be attributed to advertising.To understand how advertising works its useful to look at the hierarchy of effects AIDA sales funnel credited to Advertising Hall of Fame member Elias St. Elmo Louis in 1898. No that was not a typo and check out the history of this kind of thinking called Hierarchy of Effects in the article by Barry (1987).

This post was originally published on April 22, 2014. We have many readers asking about the connection between the AIDA sales model and the Digital Customer Journey or Digital Buyer’s’ Journey. We are delighted to update the original post on March 5, 2021. We hope that this will help all businesses come back after COVID as customers go through their AIDA process online.

What are your customers searching for? – The Search Terms report in Google AdWords

The search terms report tell you exactly what your customer typed on the Google search bar. The search terms are matched to the keywords you have purchased and a[Note: This post was originally posted on March 22, 2017. Since then there has been great interest on the topic from our dear readers. However, we realized that Google has now deployed (since 2020) enormous machine learning into how ads run. Also, we thought we need to clarify the customer journey more clearly for all clients. Thus the post is updated as of February 17, 2021]particular ad is shown.

Why are impressions free in Google AdWords advertising?

Contrast the PPC model to all other traditional advertising  models like TV,Radio,Newspaper, Billboard or even Direct Mail. You pay for impressions (or potential views called Cost per Mille РCPM ) without really knowing if your prospect actually saw your ad.

What Advertising Media should you use? Media by ELM Appeal

If you are an advertiser, then you need to consider how your customer is likely to process the advertising message that you want to give them. The Media by Appeal graphic with this post is a simple way of looking at what media is best for your message

B2B Marketing with Google AdWords

To make AdWords more effective for B2B marketing, its useful to understand some key features of B2B marketing before setting up the campaign. Here are those key features:

Are they looking for an answer to a problem, a specific service or your business?

Business owners tend to be fighting so many battles that they don’t seem to have the resources to figure out how their customers find them on Google. This post helps you understand your customer’s journey.

3 questions to ask and decide how much to spend on Google AdWords

Our readers ask How much do I spend on Google AdWords? An earlier post provided the strategy answer and this post presents three questions to ask for coming to a better decision. Here are the questions to ask: What were your inquiries before AdWords? Before AdWords you were getting inquiries. These inquiries could be fromContinue reading “3 questions to ask and decide how much to spend on Google AdWords”

The disconnect between your web content and what your customers really value

“Value” is central to marketing. And different segments of your customers value different features of your product or service. Unless they saw the value in what you offer, they would not be buying from you. At all. So right off the start of this post , let us assure our dear readers that you doContinue reading “The disconnect between your web content and what your customers really value”

Why value and relevance is so important in Google AdWords and Email Marketing

As Google AdWords users already know the link between keywords—>ad text—-> landing page needs to be really tight and focused on giving value to your customer who is searching. Thus someone looking for “mother’s day roses” should be ideally seeing an ad that says “mother’s day roses ” and lands the visitor on the rosesContinue reading “Why value and relevance is so important in Google AdWords and Email Marketing”

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