Are they looking for an answer to a problem, a specific service or your business?

Business owners tend to be fighting so many battles that they don’t seem to have the resources to figure out how their customers find them on Google. This post helps you understand your customer’s journey.

7 Questions for your Business Model

“A business model is the manner in which you provide value to your customer that is paid for (by whom – is considered in the questions below). You cover your costs and make a profit on a sustainable basis.”

If you are a small business, you rarely think of your business as having a business model. But it does. It does because the moment you have a single paying customer, she is paying for the value you create. It is another matter, if your business makes a profit consistently over the long term. Sustainable profit is why it is important to understand the business model concept.Here is a definition based on the highly cited article by David Teece.

Why are B2B sales prospects not followed up?

This “Sales Statistics” slide has been making the rounds of LinkedIn and there seems to be some agreement that these statistics ring true. The statistics ring true for large organizations with a separate marketing division that helps generate leads that the sales organization does not follow-up. The statistics also ring true for small businesses whereContinue reading “Why are B2B sales prospects not followed up?”

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