Are they looking for an answer to a problem, a specific service or your business?

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Business owners tend to be fighting so many battles that they don’t seem to have the bandwidth to figure out  how their customers find them. Here is a simple way to visualize how your customers think, when they Google something related to your business:

  1. They have a problem: The problem might be simple like looking for a lunch place  at 11.30 am. If you are a restaurant and have a free Google my Business listing. They might find you. If you are running a Google AdWords campaign that is tightly scheduled – they will  find you as well. It’s even better, if your ad is structured to appear on mobile. You just got that lunch order! For more complex problems like how to install a window AC, the searcher heads to YouTube and your ad for HVAC services shows up as the person is watching the YouTube video. Remember, if you are the HVAC business you are just advertising on YouTube and not really creating the video that a helpful person put up. Incidentally, if your business is that helpful person- you can expect huge returns. There returns are by way of great SEO rankings, low cost of advertising are much higher credibility in your market.
  2. They know what service they are looking for: If someone is clear that they do not want to go through the trouble of installing a window AC then they are looking for “window AC installation services” and if you advertise your central air-conditioning business you will be able to reach those folks who are getting tired of the window AC installing exercise every summer. A nice pipeline of business to keep your crew busy over the fall for the next season.
  3. Do they really know your name? It is extremely rare that people know your business by name unless you are Coca Cola or Apple. Try this simple test: Name 5 brands (Without Googling!)  of soda,cell-phones,computers or whatever. Unless you have recently been in the market buying these things – its hard to come up with five brand names for anything without Googling or visiting physical stores. We are getting programmed to ignore advertising unless we have 1) A problem to solve or 2) We are clear about what service we want. In fact, we don’t even Google stuff unless we “need” to.

The point is, that no one really thinks of your business unless they have a need.And once someone really needs something they start with Internet searching around the problem your business solves, or a specific service that you offer.

If your business shows up when they are searching (they are qualified prospects) it helps you get at least an inquiry.

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