AIDA sales funnel and the buyer’s journey to purchase

Businesses tend to wonder about the effectiveness of their advertising spend in terms of what they actually sold that could be attributed to advertising.To understand how advertising works its useful to look at the hierarchy of effects AIDA sales funnel credited to Advertising Hall of Fame member Elias St. Elmo Louis in 1898. No that was not a typo and check out the history of this kind of thinking called Hierarchy of Effects in the article by Barry (1987).

This post was originally published on April 22, 2014. We have many readers asking about the connection between the AIDA sales model and the Digital Customer Journey or Digital Buyer’s’ Journey. We are delighted to update the original post on March 5, 2021. We hope that this will help all businesses come back after COVID as customers go through their AIDA process online.

Your website does not rank on search engines-your web pages do

A big misconception in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the confusion between web pages and entire websites. Search Engines look at web pages individually and not entire websites. Your entire website does not rank on Google but your web pages do. When SEO wizards claim that we can make your website rank on the firstContinue reading “Your website does not rank on search engines-your web pages do”

Unlocking Innovation: What does our Customer Success Tomorrow look like?

It’s hard to explain to everyone in an organization – that their role includes “marketing”. And focussing on constant innovation. Hence the term “Customer Success.”

[Note: Thanks to the interest of our dear readers this post from September 18, 2018 is updated April 7, 2021. During COVID everyone was forced to become more tech friendly. We hope that this revised post will help our dear readers prepare better for a post COVID world}

The Customer Success term is particularly popular in the SaaS (Software as a Service ) industry. SaaS companies need customer renewals. To do so, SaaS companies try to align the organization including programmers, sales , finance to working towards customer success. SaaS companies also have a separate Customer Success function that faces the customer and helps in getting the most out of the SaaS product.

Landing Pages for SEO vs Landing Pages for Advertising

Your web visitor could be a prospective customer looking for your solution or an existing customer looking for customer service. Your customer can get to your web-page or landing page in two ways a) through your content based SEO or b) Paid advertising (like Google AdWords, Email marketing).

No surprise: Content marketing offline is really about trust

When it comes to content online, authenticity and truth matter a lot for  search engine rankings (SEO) . Surprisingly there is some confusion about what “content” really means in offline dealings. If you think about it, the whole “authenticity online” thing for SEO really comes from the physical world. The physical world of human-to-human interactions.Continue reading “No surprise: Content marketing offline is really about trust”

Are they looking for an answer to a problem, a specific service or your business?

Business owners tend to be fighting so many battles that they don’t seem to have the resources to figure out how their customers find them on Google. This post helps you understand your customer’s journey.

The disconnect between your web content and what your customers really value

“Value” is central to marketing. And different segments of your customers value different features of your product or service. Unless they saw the value in what you offer, they would not be buying from you. At all. So right off the start of this post , let us assure our dear readers that you doContinue reading “The disconnect between your web content and what your customers really value”

“Valentine day roses ” -the link between SEO and Google AdWords Ad position

We are about ten days away from Valentine’s day and here is the results page we saw when we searched for “valentine day roses.” We have Super Bowl Sunday coming up this Sunday, so most folks are pretty focused

Think Web page not website for PageRank AdRank and SEO

Think about it,whatever way you arrive at a website – you really arrive at a particular page of a website(see an earlier post Your website does not rank on search engines -your web pages do). Sure, if it is a brand you deal with often (say Amazon or Expedia) – then you just type theContinue reading “Think Web page not website for PageRank AdRank and SEO”

B2B Marketing: Derived Demand web content can help show that you “get” it

Think about marketing anything B2B – and you’ll find derived demand at work. Your web content should reflect that you “get” what your B2B customer is trying to do for their customers. Derived demand is defined as : demand for a B2B product is derived from the demand that your B2B customer receives from theirContinue reading “B2B Marketing: Derived Demand web content can help show that you “get” it”

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