Landing Pages for SEO vs Landing Pages for Advertising

Landing Pages for SEO vs. Advertising- StratoServe

Your web visitor could be a prospective customer looking for your solution or an existing customer looking for customer service. Your customer can get to your web-page or landing page in two ways a) through your content based SEO or  b) Paid advertising  (like Google AdWords, Email marketing). Here are the differences between the two paths:

Landing Pages for SEO- is all about content: As explained in SEO related posts ranking on Google is all about content- on a particular web-page. Great content simply answers a query that web searchers may put to Google. These searchers may not be customers. For example, one robotic equipment maker told us that they don’t want to incur advertising costs and have a lot of robotics class  high school students have paid advertising visits to their website. But in SEO you really can’t control who visits your webpage if you have content that clearly answers a question that an Internet user asks. However, if  a high school student who loves your robotics business page decides to share on Facebook or Instagram… your business wins, as your page keeps rising in the web rankings. Over time great content that help answer people’s problems, does help businesses-hugely. Great content takes a lot of time and effort and is thus not free. But what if you wants results quickly?

Landing pages for advertising is about matching search terms and ad content: Businesses are looking to meet the targets for this quarter and cannot depend only on SEO and great content creation. The quicker option is to advertise online using search advertising like Google ads. In addition, it’s good to advertise on display advertising where your ad show on social media (LinkedIn,Facebook) and you can choose to advertise based on demographics,interests and geography. For both search and display you can choose tight targeting. Thus the robotic equipment manufacturer can exclude school age students and try targeting only folks in the 30’s to 60’s who might be more involved in an equipment buy decision in customer companies.

Once you tighten your targeting its very important to match up the ads you put out to the landing page. Generally its better to avoid landing people on the homepage of a website because there are too many things going on. Ideally the ad should partially answer the search query in search advertising and the landing page should further explain the ad, the visitor clicked.  In display advertising the landing page needs to align with the ad’s content. Thus, if you are advertising “roses” for a flower business – you don’t want the landing page from the ad to be the sunflower page.

There is an entire industry that tries to improve the landing page experience. Implied here is that you are talking about primarily your  ad driven traffic. This is a limited view according to us, because it does not account for the thought processes of the customer at the earlier stages of the sales funnel.  Given that people will research at least nine times before reaching out to a supplier particularly for high value items! About StratoServe Digital Marketing Services.