Think Web page not website for PageRank AdRank and SEO

Page not Website-StratoServeThink about it,whatever way you arrive at a website – you really arrive at a particular page of a website(see an earlier post Your website does not rank on search engines -your web pages do). Sure, if it is a brand you deal with often (say Amazon or Expedia) – then you just type the brand name and get to the home page which already has some of your prior searches helpfully waiting for you.

For all others trying to get some consideration with the customer, they might get to your web page either through organic search or advertising.

There is a whole lot on the web about being no. 1 on Google and various techniques of SEO that are useful but they miss the most important point. Search engines and particularly Google is in the business of trying to get the searcher what he/she is looking for. In fact, if you look at the Google mission statement and the section “What we do for you” and we quote:

Larry Page, our co-founder and CEO, once described the “perfect search engine” as something that “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.”

What it gives you back is a web-page and NOT a website against your search keywords.

The calculation of PageRank (named after Larry Page but also means Page literally, if you ask us!) is complex and proprietary but the underlying logic is from part of the quote above i.e. “exactly what you want.” It follows that every page must have a purpose for a reader and answer a question that the reader has about the business,its products,its maintenance,customer support or whatever. In other words, a web page must help the businesses’ stake holders understand one single aspect of whatever the business is wanting to tell the world. The clearer and simpler the explaining more likely it is that the visitor will stay longer (more than 30 seconds preferred) and check out other pages on the website that helps.After arriving at a page if the visitor stays on the website it helps the PageRank because it indicates that the visitor found what he/she was looking for.In short, quality of the page counts-a lot.

The other, now less important element of PageRank, are back links or what other web pages refer to your web page. It sure helps if New York Times or CNN refers to a particular page on your web site. But again referrals from other respected websites is a signal of quality of a particular web page. For example, one of our pages is cited (against a  keyword phrase )in the Harvard Business Review among others  and that page seems to be no. 1 on Google  all over the world.

If your pages are not number 1 on Google, then you have the option of advertising on Google AdWords through pay per click advertising. Here again there is no escape from good quality of the page where a visitor will arrive(the landing page)  after clicking on your ad. Google calculates an AdRank based on the amount you pay for a click and the quality score of the keyword. If the keyword-ad-landing page are not “exactly what the searcher wants” you get a low quality score and your ads don’t show and don’t get clicks. Merely spending money on AdWords will not help. About StratoServe Digital Marketing Services.