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We are about ten days away from Valentine’s day and here is the results page we saw when we searched for “valentine day roses.” We have Super Bowl Sunday coming up this Sunday, so most folks are pretty focused (in 2016) on the Broncos and Panthers game. Many men haven’t got around to figuring out the Chicken Wings and Beer plan for Superbowl.  Valentine’s day is the very next Sunday (February 14) and there are fewer guys who have started thinking about Valentine day  flowers.

[ Note: This post was written 5 years ago on February 3, 2016. It turns out the we are on February 3, 2021 and Superbowl is this Sunday February 7, 2021 in a very different COVID environment. Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be playing Kansas City Chiefs. The ideas of this post still hold. For a more recent updated post and video see Your Website Does not Rank- Your Web pages do}.]

But that doesn’t mean that online florists have been inactive. In fact, one florist (Proflowers) must have been working on the  “valentine day roses” landing page for years. Here is why (Note the comments apply to search results at our location and your  search results will be different)

  • They are on Google Shopping at the top of the page
  • The Google Ad is also Number 1
  • You can see Proflowers is no. 1 in organic search against “valentine day roses”

It is this last organic search number 1 that must have taken a lot of hard work and months if not years to build and we find impressive. The URL has valentine day right off the root website instead of adding words like “/categories/valentines day” that some other first pagers have done to their webpage URL. After all no searcher online will use the word “categories”….

But it’s the payoff of being on page  one on SEO that is sweet when you advertise. You  pay the least for the ” valentine day roses,” keyword phrase because of it’s very high quality score compared to advertisers who do not appear in organic (SEO) results.

And by the time the customer has recovered from the Super Bowl party there is a flower delivery crisis for Valentine’s day and no one really is complaining that prices are much more than the $19.99 pictured above.

Wish our readers great Super Bowl viewing and do order your flowers early for Valentine’s day. ( Disclaimer : we have no connection with any flower sellers and cannot expedite your order. This post is merely an illustration of good digital marketing. This disclaimer is in case you see this post when you search for “valentine day roses”).

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