Why nail spas seem to be the only growing(23% since 2007) small business on Main Street USA

Nails and Roses- StratoServeIf you go to any main street in America, the only  small businesses that seems to  have proliferated are Nail Spas. In one Connecticut town we counted no less than five nail spas on Main Street, spaced pretty close together. And all this growth since 2007: that is an astounding 23% growth. A lot of attention has been given to the exploitation of workers in the nail-spa business, but the underlying economic reality on Main Street is missed.Here is a graphic from the Nail’s Magazine that tells a different story.   Career Before Nails-StratoServe  People displaced from the recession had to do something that could not be outsourced to technology or to cheaper locations. 63% people in the Nail Spa business were doing something else before. You can’t make big bucks in the nails business but at least it is a personal service and cannot be globalized. You have to be at the nail spa to get your nails done. How are all these people getting business? Our guess is that “getting your nails done” is an indulgence that is affordable being local and competitive- for cash strapped American families.

Nail Spa Ownership Edited- StratoServeAnd if you are thinking that the industry is dominated by Vietnamese women, here is another graphic from the Nails Magazine. 49% of Nail Spa businesses are owned by non-Vietnamese folks.

Main Street in the US is indeed in trouble. And that is why we are hearing so much about the economy at the household level: from both Republican and Democratic candidates in the US Presidential elections.

While it may be too cold on this Valentine’s day in the North East to visit your favorite local nail spa, we do encourage our dear readers  to continue to support your local Nail Spa with your business.

We wish our readers a Very Happy Valentine’s day. About StratoServe Digital Marketing Services.