Coronavirus: Why is the panic so acute?

It’s hard to remain calm when one was expecting the Dow index to cross 30k and it’s in the 26K range. – in a matter of days despite interest rate reduction.. If the Louvre museum is closed and Mona Lisa has a mask things are getting serious. Coronavirus is dangerous but the panic is even more dangerous.

Purpose of a Corporation : What every American needs to know

The most exciting thing for business over the 2019 summer was when the Business Roundtable put out a Statement on the “Purpose of the Corporation.” Signed by 181 American CEO’s all of whose brands are well known to consumers or businesses, the statement reflects the changing times. Download the  Roundtable Statement here and check out the 181 signatures from many CEO’s of companies you are already familiar with.American politicians have been telling us what we know to be true – the “American Dream” eludes most folks today due to rapid changes in globalization and technology. Thankfully, leaders of American businesses have taken notice and have decided to move their focus from the “next quarter” to “long term shareholder value” on the shareholder element and have included all stakeholders in the “Purpose of the Corporation”. The times have truly changed in the last decade with all stakeholders having a voice on social media and the old dictum of “just focus on shareholder (short-term) value”  can no longer work.  See Eric Posner’s article “Milton Friedman was wrong” in the Atlantic.

Trump Victory: Life is local- Business is global

The surprise victory of Donald Trump has brought into sharp focus a  big idea for the 21st century. Life is local-Business is global Here are some things to think about from observing “local life” in  America: Local Newspapers are alive: In the US only small town newspapers are still around. The regional and national newspapersContinue reading “Trump Victory: Life is local- Business is global”

7 Questions for your Business Model

All businesses, large and small have a business model. Even if you don’t label it as such. The term “business model” makes you think of mega businesses like Amazon, Netflix or Uber and the technology angle seems inapplicable to your business. If you are a small business, you rarely think of your business as havingContinue reading “7 Questions for your Business Model”

Why nail spas seem to be the only growing(23% since 2007) small business on Main Street USA

If you go to any main street in America, the only  small businesses that seems to  have proliferated are Nail Spas. In one Connecticut town we counted no less than five nail spas on Main Street, spaced pretty close together. And all this growth since 2007: that is an astounding 23% growth. A lot ofContinue reading “Why nail spas seem to be the only growing(23% since 2007) small business on Main Street USA”

Revisiting the Chicken MahaMac in India and the Big Mac Index

One could not help but check out the Chicken MahaMac at the still very swanky Indira Gandhi International Airport and the meal and bill is pictured. Prices have risen  from Rs. 225 to Rs. 295 or about 6% a year from 2011 somewhat less than the average inflation of 7%. See the earlier post IndiaContinue reading “Revisiting the Chicken MahaMac in India and the Big Mac Index”

India 7% growth rate: Ola,Uber and car pooling apps

Over the winter break India was an exhilarating and at times an overwhelming experience. The top growth rate of the world at 7% and young people moving fast in an ancient culture added to the exciting nature of the experience. Here are some examples: The Private Taxi Business is over and Ola and Uber haveContinue reading “India 7% growth rate: Ola,Uber and car pooling apps”

Why build a brand?

All advertising should result in immediate sales is the underlying expectation. The expectation is unrealistic and we try to explain why building a brand is important with these examples.

What is your sustainable competitive advantage?

Here is an old Blockbuster video membership  card, what nostalgia! Renting video cassettes from Blockbuster video seems like so long ago .. How Internet affects business is one of our favorite topics but there is an underlying larger idea in strategy. That idea is sustainable competitive advantage by which a business maintains  enduring success. CompetitionContinue reading “What is your sustainable competitive advantage?”

Free Brand Awareness on YouTube: Add a 3 second clip of your brand

How soon do you decide to skip an in-stream video on YouTube? In three seconds….and as an advertiser,you don't pay for advertising unless the video is watched for 30 seconds. It is pretty surprising that many advertisers don't seem to mention the brand or URL till about the end of the video, by which timeContinue reading “Free Brand Awareness on YouTube: Add a 3 second clip of your brand”