Happy July 4th: Why think about life after the COVID Pandemic?

Tomorrow is July 4th, 2020 the American Independence day.  July 4th is the American Independence Day and a day of hope and freedom for people.Due to the recent spike in American coronavirus cases, traditional firework displays have been cancelled in regions where there is an upsurge of cases. However, there are some options to watch fireworks  and here is a nice list of virtual fire work displays. Here is our July 4th post from 2008, in the midst of the great recession.
It’s really important to start thinking about life after the global coronavirus (COVID) pandemic…. because like the great recession, we will overcome this.  Here is why we should all be hopeful this 4th of July:

Purpose of a Corporation : What every American needs to know

The most exciting thing for business over the 2019 summer was when the Business Roundtable put out a Statement on the “Purpose of the Corporation.” Signed by 181 American CEO’s all of whose brands are well known to consumers or businesses, the statement reflects the changing times. Download the  Roundtable Statement here and check out the 181 signatures from many CEO’s of companies you are already familiar with.American politicians have been telling us what we know to be true – the “American Dream” eludes most folks today due to rapid changes in globalization and technology. Thankfully, leaders of American businesses have taken notice and have decided to move their focus from the “next quarter” to “long term shareholder value” on the shareholder element and have included all stakeholders in the “Purpose of the Corporation”. The times have truly changed in the last decade with all stakeholders having a voice on social media and the old dictum of “just focus on shareholder (short-term) value”  can no longer work.  See Eric Posner’s article “Milton Friedman was wrong” in the Atlantic.

Big Data at work: Surgeon ratings by patient outcome data available online

Surgeons ratings by patient outcome data is now available online. ProPublica unveiled the Surgeon Scorecard recently for 8 elective procedures. People check online ratings all the time and for major stuff like knee replacements you can bet that patients will  research online. We already have specialized ratings doctors,lawyers, restaurants (Yelp), airline routes (Routehappy), vacation tripsContinue reading “Big Data at work: Surgeon ratings by patient outcome data available online”

Is your innovation R&D intensive or customer intensive?

R&D Intensive innovation: It was a bio-technology strategy executive who explained when asked why it is hard to produce “made in the garage” innovations in biotechnology. The problem is that in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research you need labs, teams and a lot of money and time to come up with a blockbuster cure. You cannotContinue reading “Is your innovation R&D intensive or customer intensive?”

Mona Lisa mystery eyes might be due to high cholesterol: tagging images for SEO

The Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo Da Vinci is open to so many interpretations that it is a  perfect example of the picture tagging challenge for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search Engines do not know if Mona Lisa is really smiling, or just letting you know that she “knows”….. Research for this post on taggingContinue reading “Mona Lisa mystery eyes might be due to high cholesterol: tagging images for SEO”

Why the ALS “#icebucketchallenge’ is a social media and fundraising success

The ALS  Association has reportedly received $1.35 million in donations between July 29 and August 11 compared to $ 22,000 during the same period last year with the ice bucket challenge. This is quite remarkable, but first some background. ALS is a neuro degenerative disease that causes progressive paralysis of the patient as family, friendsContinue reading “Why the ALS “#icebucketchallenge’ is a social media and fundraising success”

Digital Expectations: being Government,non-profit or a small business is no excuse

http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.element/apps/cvp/3.0/swf/cnn_embed_2x_container.swf?site=cnn&profile=desktop&context=embedwww&videoId=politics/2013/10/22/ac-gupta-sebelius-obama-didnt-know-about-problems.cnn&contentId=politics/2013/10/22/ac-gupta-sebelius-obama-didnt-know-about-problems.cnn The problems with the Obamacare website forced the President himself to address the issues yesterday  of… a website? Just a few years ago- organizations including Government, non-profit and small businesses used to wonder if they should have a website. In teaching and learning, students would complain loudly about the problems of online learning platformsContinue reading “Digital Expectations: being Government,non-profit or a small business is no excuse”

Pharmaceutical companies outsource innovation to Biotech firms

Pharmaceutical companies have great strengths in the marketing of medicines but tend to outsource the uncertain business of early stage innovation to small Biotech firms. For creativity and radical innovation is difficult to do in very large organizations. There are just too many processes, and many of them are not very clear in the firstContinue reading “Pharmaceutical companies outsource innovation to Biotech firms”

Apple vs Samsung: the link between innovation,intellectual property and US jobs

Innovation is hard, it needs fanatical dedication and focused innovators like Steve Jobs to come up with blockbuster product ideas like the iPad and iPhone. And although there was one Steve Jobs, he inspired thousands if not millions to try their own stuff. Capturing value from your innovation efforts depends on protection of intellectual propertyContinue reading “Apple vs Samsung: the link between innovation,intellectual property and US jobs”

Outsourceability : an example from the US doctor’s office

Since the recession-outsourcing and outsourceability- a taboo topic is now being discussed much more openly in America. Most people agree that if your job can be outsourced to a cheaper location or to technology – it will be outsourced. Thus young people, mid and late career folks are all thinking again about outsourcing and itsContinue reading “Outsourceability : an example from the US doctor’s office”

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