Direct Mail through USPS -why now?

The heart gladdens to see the USPS van although there might be a few direct mail pieces and some billsPeople are at home. And now that there is agreement that incoming mail and packages don’t bring in the Coronavirus, it’s time to look at dear old direct mail again. And the time is now for all US businesses.

Why Reopening America in the Summer of 2020?

Today all US states have reopened partially after two months of lockdown. This has left many of our readers worldwide wondering why America is reopening when Coronavirus infections and deaths keep increasing ? Here are some thoughts on this question:

Coronavirus: Why is the panic so acute?

It’s hard to remain calm when one was expecting the Dow index to cross 30k and it’s in the 26K range. – in a matter of days despite interest rate reduction.. If the Louvre museum is closed and Mona Lisa has a mask things are getting serious. Coronavirus is dangerous but the panic is even more dangerous.

Trump Effect: Five reasons why CEO’s will become more involved in Marketing and Supply Chain

The Trump (@realDonaldTrump) effect in Marketing and Supply Chain is that CEO’s worldwide will take more interest in the operational decisions in marketing and supply chain. While Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) being rainmakers have more visibility in organizations, the supply chain folks tend to be sidelined. The CSO (Chief Supply Officer/Head of Procurement/Purchasing) typically reportsContinue reading “Trump Effect: Five reasons why CEO’s will become more involved in Marketing and Supply Chain”

Content marketing for : User members of B2B buying centers

The Buying Center is an informal group of people in organizations who influence the decision to buy your product or service. Members of buying centers  have different degrees of influence and things can get pretty political and unpredictable. It is therefore important to tailor your marketing content for each role in the buying center. MarketingContinue reading “Content marketing for : User members of B2B buying centers”

Why are people suspicious of innovation in organizations?

CEO’s know that their organizations must innovate to stay relevant and succeed. Other functional heads (CxO’s) also understand the innovation imperative. And this applies to the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) ,Chief Supply Officer (CSO) or the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) etc. These organizational leaders cannot understand why getting a new thing started is so difficult. And why they do not see the benefits flowing in- simply because of employee reluctance in implementation and “buy-in.

Why build a brand?

All advertising should result in immediate sales is the underlying expectation. The expectation is unrealistic and we try to explain why building a brand is important with these examples.

Customer knowledge and stage of sales funnel for complex solutions

Complex solutions and offerings are by definition well..complex…. and difficult to market.To us complex solutions are those that are difficult to explain in less than 2 minutes to a qualified prospect. Complex solutions also tend to be new to the market and sometimes new to the world. Sometimes complex solutions involve integrating several existing productsContinue reading “Customer knowledge and stage of sales funnel for complex solutions”

Fiat needs re-positioning after Pope’s endorsement

We had celebrated the election of Pope Francis in an earlier post and it is a joy to see the”kindness” impact he has been having in the world for not just Catholics, but all people. The Papal visit to the US created  an amazing buzz  and his using a Fiat is a big celebrity endorsementContinue reading “Fiat needs re-positioning after Pope’s endorsement”

“Awkward” money moments avoided: Tenth Yale Customer Insights Conference 2015

The Tenth Yale Customer Insights Conference 2015 (#YaleInsights15) continued to excel and evolve by connecting thought leaders in marketing practice and academia. And it is a lot of connecting to do as technology innovations allow digital marketing and consumer behavior to change faster than ever before. A big idea that came up at the conferenceContinue reading ““Awkward” money moments avoided: Tenth Yale Customer Insights Conference 2015″

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