Why Cleaning your direct mail list matters

In a digital marketing world of shiny new options in digital media, we underestimate the power of good old email. 60% small businesses do not use email marketing primarily because of all the glamorous talk of other forms of digital marketing. Compared to all other forms of digital marketing email marketing is most cost effective. One estimate puts $42 return on 1$ investment in email marketing.

Privacy: Direct Customer relationship data is more important than ever

Mailing list providers were the original third party cookies. They gathered contact details of different demographics and you could buy lists to mail (junk mail) to them.

AdTech Remarketing: Cookie Challenges Ahead

The announcement by Google that 3rd party cookies will be gone in Chrome in 2022 has raised great concerns among advertisers. The AdTech community of hundreds of companies will also need to figure out their approach. Here is some background on this debate:

Direct Mail through USPS -why now?

The heart gladdens to see the USPS van although there might be a few direct mail pieces and some billsPeople are at home. And now that there is agreement that incoming mail and packages don’t bring in the Coronavirus, it’s time to look at dear old direct mail again. And the time is now for all US businesses.

USPS door delivery is a corporate strength- why stop door delivery?

Door delivery for the US Postal Service (USPS) is a corporate strength and  USPS is actually considering stopping door-delivery mail and move to a cluster delivery starting with 35 million addresses. The savings are projected to be $ 4 billion which is more than the $3.5 billion they could have saved with stopping Saturday deliveries that appeared in an earlier post. It seems that the Saturday stop service is on hold, thankfully.

USPS Saturday closing: Opportunity for Direct Mail and Deliveries?

US Post announced today that it would stop delivery on Saturdays from August 5, 2013. Only about 12,400 people decided to vote on the CNN Poll after 12 hours of
the story and of them 69% claim that they would not miss Saturday
delivery. Those (31%) who would miss Saturday delivery include folks like this
blogger who receive “Time” magazine on Saturdays. Agreed the

USPS to slow down first class mail: how the Internet affects your business

First class mail at the USPS is down. In fact down from 104 Billion pieces in 2001 to 73.5 Billion pieces last year and is projected to go down to 39 Billion pieces in 2020. As a result the post office is cutting half its mail processing facilities besides planning huge cuts in deliveries andContinue reading “USPS to slow down first class mail: how the Internet affects your business”

Royal Wedding to give boost to several industries in the US – including US Post!

You really can’t avoid following the royal wedding with every US TV channel having positioned their top reporters in London who are reporting live for the last several days. The fascination of  Americans with the royal wedding is amazing with the air routes busy to London as travellers spend thousands of dollars on travel,stay,souvenirs and so on. The US market for several industries should see a business spike. Some of these  include:

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