Royal Wedding to give boost to several industries in the US – including US Post!

You really can’t avoid following the royal wedding with every US TV channel having positioned their top reporters in London who are reporting live for the last several days. The fascination of  Americans with the royal wedding is amazing with the air routes busy to London as travellers spend thousands of dollars on travel,stay,souvenirs and so on. The US market for several industries should see a business spike. Some of these  include:

  • Hats: Look around and see the unusual number of hats on the street. And not just Fascinator hats.
  • Wedding and Wedding Dresses: Do you remember all those weddings that got cancelled in Louisiana with the BP oil spill? You can be sure that there will be a spike in weddings and the resulting economic benefits that hotels, dressmakers,florists get from such business.
  • English Tea: Tea will certainly see more sales in the US but I am not sure that cucumbers for sandwiches will sell more in the US as in the UK these days.
  • Local restaurant celebrations: This  is becoming comparable to watching the Super Bowl, just see  what restaurants  in Austin,Texas   are up to.

Just the fact that a Government organization like US Post has got its offering out in an  alliance with another public sector organization British Royal Mail is hugely interesting from this blog’s point of view!

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