G-20 summit a success – is the world really getting “flat” ?

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It is not just travel,communication and the Internet -that's turning the world flat as Thomas Friedman famously pointed out. The most amazing  image from the G-20 summit is of  Queen Elizabeth and First Lady Michelle Obama putting their arms around one another. When there was a gasp of protest from royal watchers, Buckingham palace quickly quashed any concerns about breach of protocol. It tells us a lot about the British Monarch  who recognizes the changing "flat world".

The camaraderie of the G-20 leaders also sent a strong message to businesses around the world  that we live in one world and must work together to solve the problems of our time, notably the current economic crisis.

Does this mean that all Governments are on the same page? Will global B2B and supply chains  become seamless – immediately?

Or at a more mundane level will wireless phone providers  start charging the same domestic price for global roaming? Not immediately but we'll get there probably sooner than we imagine!

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