Good Legal Advice for Providers

I was still in my "legal" mind frame when I noticed a great article by John Gliedman in Computer World. Obviously John knows what he’s talking about and I think the points he makes are really interesting. In fact I have academic papers on some of these points. For example, issue 4 about who owns the Intellectual Property is a question I have tried to rephrase in my research and also in my MBA class. I am saying that IP needs to be managed in the relationship and in a way John says the same- basically do not leave this question unaddressed at the contracting stage. Take issue 5, about hiring employees. An Engineering Industry speaker in my class mentioned that they identify top talent and then hire them, but my sense is that they have a clear understanding with the provider and the provider is on board with this arrangement. What blew me away was the importance the article attaches to "transition" management (Issue 6) – Why are both outsourcers and providers missing this one??

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