Sony PlayStation 3 launches in two hours

I had tuned in the CBS evening news and was marveling at just how well Katie Couric is handling the job when I was blown away by the Sony PlayStation 3 launch story. Anthony Mason of CBS was interviewing a guy who has been standing in queue since Monday ( three nights and days) to grab an early chance at getting the PlayStation 3.  This person was actually making a list of people waiting and had taken on the volunteer role of regulating the crowd which has stretched several blocks in New York. I checked stories around the country and Canada and the frenzy is everywhere ! Apparently the detailed graphics is a major attraction and the sweat of the basketball player is synchronized with the extent of "virtual" effort the animated player makes. Sony executives are "sweating" because they have 60% of the 10 B $ market ( Just how big is 10B$ – i.e. almost equal to Lipitor the cholesterol drug!)  and things should go just right so soon after the battery problems. Sir Howard Stringer the first non-Japanese CEO of SONY has a tough job in his hands – to reclaim Akio Morita’s SONY that invented the Walkman and a company that has been needlessly slipping. In two hours we’ll know and going from the buzz PlayStation 3 should be a great hit in this holiday season.

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