Bank of America Video on YouTube

In my MBA Class on New Product and Service Development I use an excellent case "Bank of America" by Stefan Thomke of Harvard Business School to teach how experimentation might be used in development of new services. Before teaching this case we  had more exciting discussions about IDEO and 3M and I was trying to enthuse my students about how innovation can be very exciting even in staid businesses like banking. My students (mostly executives in the South East Connecticut area) had enjoyed the case and its learning but did not really buy my pitch that banking  can be "fun".  During the same class we had been discussing the purchase of YouTube by Google.  After the class was over one of my students sent me the BOA Video link . Judging by the enormous popularity of this video and the major criticism it is receiving on the Internet no one can say that Banking and the Financial sector is "dull" or "boring" ! Check out the video for yourself and have a  Great Thanksgiving!

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