Marketing,R&D,Innovation,Strategy changes at Coke

The recent management changes at Coca Cola headquarters are very interesting. In an earlier life I was in the packaging industry with lots of customers in the soda market and I had a huge interest in the doings of the soda marketers and Coca Cola in India is featured in my PhD thesis and an academic article.

Coca Cola is also a personal favorite  and I am totally amazed at the taste of Coke Zero Cocacolazerocompared to other diet colas. In addition, Coca Cola is "the greatest brand" on earth and serves as excellent example for my marketing classes.

Coming to the recent management changes at Coke – I was somewhat intrigued by the rather substantial coverage the departure of Mary Minnick as Vice President of Marketing,Strategy and Innovation has attracted. Ad Week really gets into details of the re-org.

There are conflicting reports about how the various departments of R&D,Strategy, Innovation,Marketing are being organized. Forbes reports that Strategy and Innovation will report to Chairman Isdell while Adweek quotes Isdell saying that R&D and marketing will have better co-ordination by reporting to new coke President  Muhtar Kent.

As the Coke re-org becomes clearer it will be really interesting to see how things pan out for Coke the organization. The media including the blogosphere will be watching closely!

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