Happy Chinese New Year !

Chinese_new_year_1_1Today is the start of the Chinese New Year and the year of the pig. The pig is a luxurious animal signifying the Chinese zodiac sign that indicates plenty and prosperity. This particular year of the pig is by some accounts the luckiest "Pig" year in 600 years ! I remember the festivities surrounding Chinese New Year from my time in Singapore where it is celebrated with gusto as it is in China and all places with the Chinese diaspora. I learnt from Chinese friends that the greeting is "Gong Chi Fat Chai" or "Wish you prosperity"- quite a natural for 2007 – the year of the pig !

As festivities continue for the entire week in the Chinese world , supply chain managers are gearing up to the cultural reality where you must pre-plan to avoid the entire week when things really pick up on the festival front but business practically is shut down. Workers travel back home and offices also slow down considerably. Planning ahead is imperative as this article suggests.

We  wish "Gong Chi Fat Chai" ( i.e. prosperity ) to our readers in this Chinese New Year !

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