Globalization – the perennial China India question

Globalization as we treat it in textbooks and the classroom seems pretty exciting and don’t get me wrong- it is! But what amazes me is the wide mis-understanding among faculties, company executives and small business owners about what globalization offers as opportunity to the American enterprise. Let’s face it , notwithstanding every criticism lately in the world America and American brands are considered "cool" in every country of the world. Certainly in China and India.

Companies look at outsourcing only as cost reduction, China as a cheap manufacturing base and are generally paranoid about Intellectual property. But just imagine, if you are able to deploy a thousand trained folks to design and prototype stuff in India and China for the cost of a team of 100 what happens to your innovation cycle? It zooms ! That probably is great in defending intellectual property than constant paranoia as this WSJ article suggests. 

In a similar vein the opportunities in the Europe , Middle East and Africa can be tapped with a base in India and China. Frankly till we all start looking at the overall opportunity in globalization we are missing the potential for growth and market dominance.

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