Google did have a gag for April 1, 2007

Normally, the "festival of the day" is featured on the front page of Google. This time I had practically missed the April 1, joke from Google. I had seen the ad that Gmail would supply paper printouts of all your email,though. I remember wondering somewhat uneasily that the reason one uses Gmail is to avoid paper given the large storage and the easy search. In any case, I did not think about this in much detail because of the lots of other stuff I had to do. Till, the Gmail folks finally told after April 1, 2007 that this was a joke.

More incredible were the pictures   that included vivid details , including a Gmail marked boxes being delivered ! It’s interesting that Google targeted account holders for a joke rather than placing it on the main Google home page. In any event, really enjoyed the "printout" joke from Gmail !

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