Apple iPod early adopters receive iPology

Less than two months ago this blog discussed the spectacular iPhone launch. Today the early adopters who had signed up for the $599 iPhone are furious. Apple decided to reduce the price to $299 to enhance adoption by mainstream consumers, in time for the holiday season. According to Steve Jobs the price cut will make the iPhone more affordable.

Understandably, the price cut has left the original early adopters of the iPhone, angry. Naturally, if you stood in line for hours and forked up $2000 for the yearly contract and then realized that the marketer had cut prices by 33% in less than 60 days – you’d feel shortchanged.

Luckily, Steve Jobs and Apple have responded and are giving a $100 credit. What was Apple thinking? Early adopters are crucial for any market and more so for the revolutionary products like the iPhone. Early adopters are those who are recognized as folks who "are first to try something new" and "order a new dish or go to new restaurants" and generally take the risks and kinks that come with being the first to try something new. Most consumers just wait it out till things stabilize and some (the laggards) do not adopt the innovation at all. Without early adopters there would be no innovation which could really reach the market. I am glad that Apple realized it’s folly and Apple enthusiasts are happy again. The iPology worked ! Classic service recovery by Apple on this one.

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