What can suppliers learn from job seekers and job keepers ? Understanding “value” contribution

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Given the economic slowdown the media is full of advice and tips for individual job seekers  as well as "job keepers". 

Just like individuals, suppliers in all value chains (everyone is a supplier- remember!) need to examine if they can keep their "job" with existing clients and seek "new" clients. The key question to answer here is what exact value you provide to your supplier's business. Research has shown that, at least in good times, suppliers become complacent and even arrogant.  For example,with brisk business, suppliers would not even consider delivery and would like the customer to "pick-up".  Naturally, with such an attitude you are completely clueless about what exact value you provide to your customer.

Just trying to understand what exact value your business  brings  to your customer's business is a worthwhile activity in such slow times. Very similar to individuals taking time to educate themselves and become more competent in the job market.

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