Where is the market ? Try India for infrastructure and consumer market

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Soon after the elections President Obama will be on the biggest ever India visit by a US President.

India is a market that is growing by 8.8% in contrast to the  US growing at 2.0%. So just by being in the India market you can grow at  6.8%!

The Indian consumer has upped the ante, they are no longer in need of food, clothing and shelter! They are in need of electricity, water and housing, they have shifted paradigms and they are looking for companies that can provide them sustainable growth- they are looking for you.

In a joint venture, both parties provide an expertise. You will provide your business model and strategy, your Indian partner will provide the customer.  Many of you are involved in the infrastructure renewal effort with the stimulus spending  in the US. Try to find a partner in the India market and get the market moving there.

The President understands the value in partnering with India, it is time for you to as well. Get started and email now.

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