“Worst” companies need to improve their websites: Fortune Most Admired Companies

Tonight those companies which made it to the top spots  in  each Fortune best category are churning out  PR news releases , justly proud of their accomplishments. Those who appear in the “worst” list would be hiding or don’t even know it,I guess.For starters, those companies judged as “worst” should get their websites better organized. When I went to one such “worst” company’s website I was totally surprised to encounter all kinds of slow flash introductions, random pop ups and  even a spam video!

[Note: This post is from March 3, 2011 and was updated for formatting on May 19, 2021]              

The Fortune methodology of ranking seems to be a survey of executives and is a sort of peer rating. The good word gets out  and also the bad or no word would result in a  low survey rating. One wonders if those companies in the “worst” list are that bad or it’s more a question of letting peers know of the good they do.

Obviously the worst companies, mostly foreign ones, do business otherwise would not feature in the Fortune list at all. There is one message for them tonight  : review your websites.

For readers of this blog – here is some fun. Google the worst companies in each category and look at their websites.  Some categories, relevant to this blog, and worst companies are:

 The question is whether these are really “worst” or just not successful in communicating what they do.

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