New ICANN rules might allow interesting distributor websites for major brands

Unless you have $185,000 to spend on a ".yourname" the news that ICANN will allow  any legitimate brand owner to get a ".yourname"  suffix will not help very much. Unless of course you are a dealer for a major brand like say Ford motors. Then if the brand owner and distributor can work out the responsibility issues perhaps the dealer can have a website that has the town's name and say ".ford" after that which would sound great.

Today however, most auto brand websites warn you that you are leaving their website when you go to the dealer's website. So there is a whole lot of work  on dealer relationship issues before such a neat on-line branding idea can be implemented by the big brands that in-turn help smaller businesses.

The ".yourname" will not help in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as well unless big brands decide to do a permanent re-direct from their  ".com." As the video suggests the ".yourname" might really suit trade,industry and travel promotion arms of local government and the idea of having a ".lasvegas" is interesting. Perhaps businesses that are unique to the location might be able to buy domain names with that geographic suffix. I guess domain name registrars like GoDaddy will have a new line of business opening up- retailing domain names with suffixes like ".lasvegas," beyond the usual ".com" and somewhat uncommon ".tv" that already exist.

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