Thinking in the customers/receivers shoes: say exactly what you want your customer to do

When you send out a CV via email or upload  for a job do you call the attached file "CV" , "resume" or  "Document1" ? You are not alone…. most people seem to do this in email attachments. When they know that there may be hundreds of other emails with the same type of document but from different senders to the same receiver. A far better idea is for individual "First Name Last Name"  call the document "FirstLastName CV," so that the receiver does not have to do a whole lot of re-coding for every document received. Similarly if you are a company in B2B email attachments, its a good idea to have the company name in the file name of attachments you send out rather than call the file simply 'brochure."  So make the file name "CompanyName Brochure" in your next campaign.

While this blog has been advocating attempts for such clarity it was great to see an article "Tell Your Customers where to go" by Barry Feldman.Quite often we do not think from the customers point of view in both the brick and click world. See driving directions that companies put out on their websites. Hey today we have GPS for all the highways, what you really need is some intense directions for parking when your customer or supplier goes visiting you. The same for websites. Except that folks leave a website in an instant but in the brick world its harder to leave if you have driven considerably to get to meet your prospective customer or supplier. 

Since the website visitor can leave with one click, its really important to keep the visitor engaged. Starting with the right content as mentioned in the previous post. Contact StratoServe.

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