Avoiding Gatekeepers in the B2B Buying Center via Internet Search Marketing

Avoiding Gatekeepers in B2B Buying Centers-StratoServe

The concept of Buying Center in B-to-B marketing involves reaching the different members of the Buying Center crossing the “gatekeeper” .

[Note: Due to the interest of our dear readers this post originally published on February 21, 2013 is updated on March 21, 2021 with a new image]

Have  you ever called a “Decider”  a CxO like the VP of Manufacturing if you are trying to sell equipment or called the CIO if you are trying to sell enterprise software? If you have, the Secretary ( Assistant or Admin in the US)  would pick up the phone. And here is how the conversation would go:

You: Can you put me through to Ms CxO (Name)

Admin: May  I say who is calling?

You: I am Mr Y from company A

Admin: Ms CxO is in a meeting, can I take a message?

You: Can you give me her email?

Admin: I’ll be happy to forward your message to Ms. CxO … and so  it goes….

Internet Search Marketing allows you to leap over the “Gatekeeper” and directly reach the members of the buying center. So when someone searches for your product or service in your target market it is really inexpensive to put your Google AdWords Ad out there and reach one or more of the members of the Buying Center. In fact, you can have your Ad running and ask the Gatekeeper to “Google” your product offering to walk her through your website and hopefully not get your call go into cold storage.

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