Think of your first home purchase- to better understand your customer journey

Think of your first home buying experience and your own customer journey-StratoServe

Marketers of complex high value products and services have a hard time in grasping the learning process of the buyer. Here are some quotes we have heard from businesses about their prospects and customers over the years:

They are not ready to buy

They don’t know what they want

They are not clear about the problem they are trying to solve

They want too much customization

They don’t have a budget

They are not sure of their budget

Just think back of your first home purchase and replace the “They” with “We” being your family. Here is how the above quotes would have looked like, at the time you started to look to buy your first home:

They We are not ready to buy

They We don’t know what they  we want

They We are not clear about the problem they are trying to solve house we want

They  We want too much customization many changes in the house we like

They We don’t have a budget

They  We are not sure of their  our budget

You get the picture. So how did you solve your first house buying problem? You started by going to open houses and getting an idea of what was available. As you saw more and more houses you got a better idea of things you needed to have (eg. must have a fireplace, near to good schools) and what you really didn’t care about (eg. a walk out basement). Meanwhile you tried to get your budget and loan limits clarified and tried to work with what you could afford.

When it comes to complex purchases – buyers’ minds get clearer (on what they want and how much they are willing to pay)  as they go through the search and buying process.

If you are always wondering about the confusion that you sense in the buyer’s mind – think of your first home purchase. An easy way of putting yourself in your customer’s shoes.

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