Four Tips to Manage Customer Expectations

Managing customer expectations is a challenge. More so if you are a service provider.Products tend to be tangible and you are working against a drawing,specifications and a contract that is clear. Services in contrast, are intangible, and its all about the customer’s perception that the expectations were met or exceeded. If expectations are met orContinue reading “Four Tips to Manage Customer Expectations”

Front end of new projects: The challenge of engaging clients,bosses and colleagues

The primary challenge for their innovation teams, according to the Innovation head of a Fortune 50 corporation, is to consciously engage the bosses at the front end of the project. The bosses sign off on initial costs and then when things progress to the stage of making prototypes and trial production- the bosses suddenly wake up. “I never realized that there are such big costs involved,down the line…” is a common refrain.